Thursday, October 6, 2011

David Oreilly- Shelby Danow

I am choosing Octocat as my piece to discuss because i am extremely intrigued by the piece. Initially you see a red 8 legged cat looking creature wondering around looking for his parents. Eventually you get to know the cat and understand that he is not the friendliest of creatures, especially when he gets angry towards the end. When he opens his mouth to reveal his jaw, he becomes a scary and intimidating creature who kills the "enemy" or the black cat which was holding his parents in the hot air balloon. The humor works to tell the story because everything about what we were watching was so unrealistic that it actually helped to make the piece more comical. Cats in real life do not have 8 legs, the cartoon design helped to enhance that "fake world idea" and the fact that the cats were flying also helped to enhance the humor. It was so far out there from the truth of the real world that the only thing to do was laugh. I think that i would have preferred to see the lines of the animation more clear and precise just because i am somewhat of a perfectionist, but i do not think that the "rugged etches" of the animation took away from it in anyway. I truly admire this animation because even though it was not perfect and the edges were sloppy and the storyline was so unrealistic, people made dolls out of it and made octocat into a real creature. It just goes to show that no matter how crazy you may think your idea is, someone is going to love it and appreciate it.

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